Enforcing Arbitral Awards/Judgment

Our law firm has accumulated rich experience in handling foreign-related cases. In view of the different legal systems of each country, it is important to conduct the preliminary evaluation of the case before any foreign judgments or arbitration awards shall be enforced in China successfully.

Information/Documents provided by clients
It is helpful that the client could provide the following information prior to consulting the attorney in order for the attorney to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the case.





Legally effective judgments or rulings made by (foreign) courts or arbitral awards made by foreign arbitral tribunal

English or Chinese versions should be provided if the documents are in other foreign language.


The documents legally summoned by the foreign courts or arbitration committee

if judgment/rulings by default is rendered.


Legal service process





Based on the documents/information provided by the client, our lawyer will give a preliminary evaluation of the case.

Based on the preliminary evaluation, our law firm will decide whether to accept the case or not.


The legal service agreement shall be signed by
and between the clients and our law firm

Documents will be prepared by our lawyer,


Our lawyer will give detailed instructions to the client, conduct investigation and verification, prepare legal documents which shall be submitted to the court.

Clients will be informed of the updates of the case.


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