Lawyers as Witness

Lawyers’ acting as witness refers to a kind of activity in which lawyers prove the authenticity and legality of the legal facts and legal acts they have personally seen according to law at the request of the parties concerned. If the lawyer's testimony needs to be used in a foreign country, the matters to be witnessed shall be examined in advance by our lawyers. Our lawyers have provided witness services on foreign matters covering Ireland, UK, UAE, Spain, Canada, Cayman, British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong.

The client shall submit the original passport (ID card) to our lawyer for verification.

Our lawyers may act as the witness on the following affairs:
(1) signing and performance of contracts;
(2) articles of association, resolutions of the board of directors, share transfer agreements and other legal documents;
(3) civil acts such as inheritance, donation, assignment or infringement;
(4) various principal-agent relationships.


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