Legal Counsel

Acting as the Legal Counsel of the clients, the lawyer of our firm can help the clients plan the overall strategy and specific tactics, establish the legal risk warning mechanism, predict the consequences of the conduct so that the clients are in a good position of "being prepared for a rainy day", prevent and solve clients' legal problem so as to protect clients' legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.


Process of retaining legal counsel

1. Call (+86 10 84643018) or send an email to law@tianbolawfirm
2. Provide the client’s name and request
3. Our law firm makes a quotation
4. The service agreement signed by and between the Client and our law firm
5. Our lawyer provides services

Scope of service

1. Provide legal advice on legal issues related to clients.
2. Review the legal documents drafted by clients, and help to formulate and modify internal rules and regulations.
3. Draft and modify various contracts for clients and provide legal advice.
4. Assist clients to manage contracts and supervise the performance of contracts.
5. Carry out feasibility legal analysis on decision-making matters in business operation and management, and provide feasibility reports.
6. Provide legal advice for the protection of clients' trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary rights, and assist in the formulation of confidentiality system and confidentiality agreement.
7. Attend meetings as required by clients and provide on-site legal advice.
8. Issue lawyer's letter according to clients’ needs.
9. Provide legal training for employees according to the needs of clients.
10. Participate in various investment activities and provide relevant legal services according to the needs of clients.
11. According to the financial data provided by the clients, analyze the creditor's rights, and propose corresponding disposal plans for the non-performing assets.
12. Participate in the negotiation of major economic projects of clients and provided legal advice.
13. Introduce new national and local laws and regulations to clients irregularly.
14. Assist clients in handling internal disputes.
15. Conduct credit investigation of clients’ partners and issue reports.
16. Provide lawyer's certificate for clients' legal behaviors and legal facts.
17. Accept the client's authorization and represent clients in arbitration or litigation.
18. Handle other legal affairs authorized by clients.


You can contact us in the following ways
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  • FAX:+86-10-84649785
  • Email:law@tianbolawfirm.com
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